Energica EGO: The all-electric superbike

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The sleek control panel on the EGO superbike.

While we often hear about Elon Musk’s all-electric Tesla Motors cars paving the way for gas-free driving, there’s a lesser known company called Energica that’s blazing a trail with fully electric superbikes. Based in Ferrarri’s Italian hometown of Modena, Energica has created the EGO, a high-end electric bike that can go from 0-60 in 3 seconds!

“Our customers aren’t really those looking for electric scooters, but rather those people who love motorcycles and high-tech,” explains Giampiero Testoni, the chief technology officer for Energica. The standard model of the EGO costs $40,000, with 45 limited edition upgraded versions starting at $67,000.

Even the famed motorcycle company Harley-Davidson is getting in on the electric bike scene, with its Project LiveWire still in the testing phase. Then, there’s the Lightning Motorcycle company whose Lightning Superbike LS-218 can go up to 218 miles per hour!

Energica is optimistic that it can stay above the competition, however, projecting sales of 500 EGOs in its first year, with a target of 1,200, and then 5,000 in the following years. The CEO, Livia Cevolini, says they’re particularly interested in attracting American customers, since the USA is known for loving motorcycles. “It’s been hard work starting the company, but then you’re here seeing people who appreciate what we have built and often don’t realize it’s electric until we point it out,” she explained. “That makes it all worth it.”

Images courtesy of Energica.