Epic goodies and gizmos at the 2015 Toy Fair

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Groot toy
The lovable glowing and growing Groot.

Toymakers and toy geeks came together in New York this week for the 2015 Toy Fair!

Barbie creator Mattel revealed a brand new talking Barbie that learns from conversations with its owner, paying attention to your words, while also bringing up popular topics by tapping into the internet! Creepy or cool? Mattel’s even getting educational with their bilingual cat, Shakira, that teaches kids Spanish.

Then, all you Marvel fans can get ready for the upcoming Ant-Man movie with an Ant-Man ant farm! Clever isn’t it? Also, Guardians of the Galaxy has inspired a real-life growing Groot that glows as a nightlight.

If you’re more into LEGO and space, then blast off with LEGO Spaceport or take it to a galaxy far, far away with a LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter. Then, step off your starship and fire up a lightsaber with Hasbro’s customizable lightsaber kits, featuring the controversial crossguard blade from the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer!

Featured image courtesy of Toy Fair Facebook. Image of Groot courtesy of Uncle Milton and Ricky Brigante on Flickr.