“Tomorrowland” is an epic sci-fi adventure

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Tomorrowland image
Are you ready to save the future?

When Disney turned one of its theme park attractions into a swashbuckling pirate movie, we got Johnny Depp’s unforgettable Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Now, the similarly inspired Tomorrowland is launching into theaters with a thrilling and imaginative science-fiction adventure.

Actress Britt Robertson plays Casey Newton, a hardworking teenager who lives with her NASA engineer dad. When a young android named Athena gives her a mysterious pin, Casey realizes it lets her see into another dimension, where the futuristic city of Tomorrowland is. Athena then introduces Casey to a gruff-but-lovable man named Frank Walker (George Clooney), who says that the world of Tomorrowland is in trouble. Soon, they enter a hidden rocket in the Eiffel Tower of Paris and blast off to a parallel universe! Their mission? Stopping the diabolical Governor Nix (Hugh Laurie) from ruining the future for everyone.

The whole movie has an awesome retro vibe and blends old school sci-fi with modern special effects. Its heartfelt lessons about positive thinking and the power of creativity ensure that Tomorrowland has a soul as big as its incredible city. Clooney has amazing chemistry with the spunky young actresses, and you’ll be cheering for them to beat Hugh Laurie’s wickedly genius Governor Nix.

Images courtesy of Disney.