Evidence found for ancient, gigantic sea monster

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Unleash the kraken!

Krakens, mythical creatures that resemble large octopi, are apparently not just fantastical beasts from sailor legends, but real organisms! At least, a paleontologist (someone who studies prehistoric fossils) named Mark McMenamin seems to think so.

See, back in 2011, kraken evidence was limited to the marked bones of ichthyosaurs, which are school-bus-sized sea monsters from over 200 million years ago. The theory was that krakens, who were far larger and more fearsome than ichthyosaurs, would crush the animals and play with their bones. Now, however, McMenamin has new evidence to support the existence of krakens! The first clue is yet another collection of ichthyosaur bones organized into a strange pattern.

According to McMenamin, there’s no way the curious design could have been naturally created by underwater currents. “You always go from a more ordered to a less ordered state, not the other way around,” he said. Since modern-day octopi enjoy playing with their food and making patterns with the bones, it’s very likely that an enormous octopus – maybe a kraken – rearranged the huge ichthyosaur bones. If that wasn’t enough proof, McMenamin also found a large kraken-like beak. “This was extremely good luck,” said the paleontologist. “This was finding the needle in the haystack, really.”

McMenamin hopes he can uncover more evidence to support his theory for the kraken. Who knows, maybe there are still some of the large sea monsters lurking in the murky depths of the oceans.

Featured image courtesy of Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki and Disney. Image of kraken ship attack courtesy of Kousto on Flickr.