Facebook fights Snapchat with Instagram

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Back in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app, for an incredible $1 billion. So far, they’ve worked great as a team, turning the two very popular networks into a winning combo. However, apps like Snapchat that use “real-time picture chatting” have become so trendy, that they’re starting to steal the duo’s thunder. Not for long, though, if Facebook can help it!

The Instagram logo.

When you post a picture on Instagram, all of your followers can see it, and if the app is linked to your Facebook, you can bet almost everyone’s going to know about it. However, there are some times you don’t want everyone to see it. That’s where Snapchat enters the picture. Unlike Instagram, this app lets you send photos to certain people in private messages. After a few seconds, the picture disappears! Approximately 200 million “Snaps” are chatted everyday, so it seems like a worthy opponent for Instagram. Well, Facebook wasn’t about to be outdone by a few snaps, so they added a new feature to the Facebook Messenger app to steal back their thunder.

Facebook Messenger is an app that lets you send messages directly to a friend’s mobile device, instead of hovering around unread in their profile. While the app already has a photo-sharing feature, you can only send pictures on the phone’s actual camera gallery. Pictures that are posted and touched up on Instagram are saved in a different album, so the Facebook app couldn’t access it. The new update allows to send pictures from the Instagram album straight through Facebook Messenger. Take that Snapchat!

Now that it’s getting so easy to send pictures across different social networking sites, it’s no wonder that Facebook wants to remind everyone who’s king. They are, after all, one of the most visited websites around the the internet, after Google that is. This update will also let iOS users send Emojis and stickers for some adorable-looking characters to color your messages!