Fanged “vampire” deer spotted in Afghanistan

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Afghanistan deer
The “vampire” deer roams the Himalayas of northern India, Afghanistan’s north, and Pakistan’s Kashmir region.

Get your garlic and holy water ready, because a fanged “vampire” deer has been spotted for the first time in 60 years. The Kashmir musk deer was seen in a distant forest deep within northeastern Afghanistan.

Don’t get too worried, though, because the ultra-rare deer doesn’t suck blood. Instead, the males flash those pointy pearly whites to flirt with the ladies and scare off romantic rivals.

They’re actually called tusks instead of fangs, because males use them in physical duels. Rawr!

Sadly, these spooky deer are endangered, because of habitat loss and illegal hunting.

Featured image courtesy of Wildlife Conservation Society. Image of map courtesy of Google.