Fast food workers warn against these menu items

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Dodger dog
I love Dodger Dogs! Now, though, I’m having second thoughts…

If you’ve ever wondered what the worst of the worst fast foods are, popular social entertainment site Reddit has the answers. Reddit recently turned to its online community and asked, “Fast food workers of Reddit, what should we NOT order at you restaurant? Why not?” Well, for those of you who occasionally like to spoil those taste buds with delicious junk food, the Reddit responses will make you think again.

First of all, McDonald’s and Wendy’s are really bad news. Don’t take another sip of that McCafe drink, and be sure to send those chicken nuggets clucking all the way to the dumpster, because apparently they’re prepared in unclean machines… and made with questionable ingredients. Or, if you’re looking to get warm with Wendy’s delicious chili, know that the beef has been sitting on the grill for a long time… and then reheated.

Okay, so maybe KFC and Subway have some safer options? Nope. If the sound of a juicy KFC BBQ sandwich gets your mouth watering, employees are coming forward to warn you that the chicken being used is ancient, tough birdie meat. In fact, only by soaking it in BBQ sauce can the meat be made soft enough to break up. As for Subway, do you think their salad is a sure thing? Well, just know that it comes premade from a plastic baggie and is majorly doused in mayonnaise. Then, the optional meat that can be mixed in with those soggy greens just might have spent the day hanging out in nose-crinkling syrup. Blech!

As for Pizza Hut, they have a rather large selection of items to stay away from. How so? The pizza is bad news. Yes, all of their pizza is shady apparently. Employees confess that the bread dough is… you guessed it… old. Is nothing from these fast food chains fresh? Also, it’s oily and employees sometimes don’t use gloves while making it!

Other dangerous items? Hot dogs at baseball games (that are sometimes reheated from leftovers 2-3 days old), Taco Bell’s steak and beans (that were compared by one employee to cat food), movie popcorn (yep, reheated from last night after it was all put into giant garbage bags), and the frozen Dunkin doughnuts (that are then heated up and served to you).

Now, while these claims aren’t necessarily proven (they were submitted anonymously on Reddit, after all), keep them in mind next time you decide to order a meal from fast food joints or a local entertainment event. It’s better to be safe than sorry, considering so many food items seem to be old and reheated!

Featured image courtesy of Pizza Hut Facebook. Image of Dodger Dog courtesy of Farmer John on Wikipedia.