Feathers flew on International Pillow Fight Day!

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

mega pillow fight
Toronto, Canada gets right to the point! You can see the moment everyone with a pillow realizes they’re about to get a smack in the face.

I didn’t go to too many sleepovers as a child, but I do remember my favorite part was the pillow fight! I mean, how else could you get away with hitting someone on the head? Anyways, if you’ve ever had the urge to knock your brother or sister down for their silliness, then International Pillow Fight Day is the perfect occasion! Unfortunately, the last cushioned battle was on April 5, but almost 100 cities all around the world participated.

Anyways, the rules are simple: you’re allowed one soft pillow, and can swing them lightly at someone else who also has a pillow. The second rule is that you must stay to help clean up after! Also, if someone does not have a pillow, then you must restrain yourself from beating him or her to a feathery pulp.

The holiday took on a variety of themes across the globe. For instance, in New York, participants dressed as villains and superheroes, while in Boston, a group of men came fully decked in traditional luchador (wrestler) outfits. While everyone expected the turnout to be full of kids, plenty of adults and elderly folks showed up to join in on the fun!

Featured image courtesy of Su–May on Flickr. Image of Canadian pillow fight courtesy of Antonio Gomez Palacio on Twitter.