Feline fashion models take the catwalk

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

kitty fashion
Sophisticated kitty fashion.

Move over ladies, the real fashion queens are in town and they’re not the human kind either. Raise your paws and make some mewling noise for these stylish felines.

United Bamboo’s annual cat calendar features the finest collection of kitty chic, showing off custom-made designs. I wonder if these little furballs know how many adoring fans will be clawing for the non-kitty versions once they lay their eyes on this fancy feast!

The 2014 edition of United Bamboo’s bundle of purring cuties will be available on the company’s website starting October 1. The looks on display range from a shiny red parka worn by the naturally tuxedo-furred Jasper, to a sparkly bow dress wrapped around 2-year-old Gertrude.

So, how do the kitties behave during their photo shoot? After all, I doubt they were much too pleased wearing those threads!

“You never really know how a cat model will behave or how the clothes will look on them,” said United Bamboo spokesperson Nikki Girion. “Some cats either don’t fit the clothing, freak out, or just don’t photograph well so we need to make sure we have all 12 months covered.”

Well, the photos definitely turned out beautiful. I’d even go so far as to say they’re purr-fect!

Images courtesy of United Bamboo, Noah Sheldon, and Studio Lin.