Finally, flying cars are here!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Terrafugia transformation
In less than a minute, the Transition can morph from a street-legal automobile into a personal plane!

You know what’s really strange to me? The fact that flying cars don’t exist. We have super-sleek jumbo jets that can carry hundreds of people around the world and hyper-advanced automobiles that are practically computers on wheels. Why haven’t we combined the best of both worlds for personal flying cars? It’s kind of ridiculous! Carl Dietrich, the founder and CEO of Terrafugia thought so too, which is why his company built the Transition.

This awesome personal vehicle is both a car and a small plane rolled into one speedy package. When in its car phase, the garage-sized Transition can zip down the road at about 100mph (just be sure to watch the speed limit!). It runs on regular gasoline, which is much cheaper than plane fuel, and efficiently drives 35 miles per gallon. Ah, but it’s rush hour and a line of idling cars are blocking the stretch of road! Not to worry, at the push of a button, the Transition stretches out it’s folded wings and warms-up it’s powerful propeller! In less than a minute, you can take the flying car to the skies, while pointing and laughing at the people stuck in traffic! That is, after stopping by the local airport. The vehicle needs a runway of around 1700 feet in order to successfully take off from the ground. Before lift-off, be sure to check the weather forecasts.

“One of the biggest problems that pilots face is that flying little airplanes is a very weather-sensitive activity,” said Dietrich. “You may fly somewhere, and the weather changes and you’re stuck. You have to make other travel arrangements. It’s not something you can count on. With the Transition, you can count on getting to where you want to go. It may take a little longer, if you have to drive instead of fly, but you still get there, or you get home.”

There is one catch… you need to have both a driver’s and a pilot’s licence before getting behind the wheel of this bad boy! Oh yeah, it also costs around $279,000. The company founder is positive his next flying car model, the TF-X, will be much cheaper than its predecessor.

Images and video courtesy of Terrafugia.