Foods that keep your skin healthy for summer

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Pineapples will leave your skin vibrant and healthy.

Summer is basically here, and that means it’s time to really protect our skin from dehydration and sun damage. While water and sunscreen are a good place to start, eating the right kinds of foods is an easy and flavorful way to maintain a healthy complexion. So, let’s take a look at some superfoods that’ll keep your sunkissed skin glowing all season long.

Fruits like watermelons, berries, and pineapples are definitely high up on the list. These fresh produce are just loaded with vitamins and minerals, which our bodies need to function at tip top shape. Plus, watermelons and berries are jam-packed with antioxidants – special molecules that destroy harmful chemicals floating around in our bodies. Meanwhile, pineapples have a chemical called bromelain that fights inflammation (swelling and redness), which should come in handy to anyone suffering from a sunburn.

As far as summer-tastic veggies,  check out tomatoes, cucumbers, and dandelion greens. Cucumbers are basically 90% water, so they’re the perfect way to hydrate your body when you’ve emptied that water bottle. Tomatoes also contain a high percentage of water, but have the added bonus of chemicals that keep your skin young and vibrant by slowing down aging. Finally, dandelion greens are practically brimming with vitamin A and vitamin K, which are particularly useful for battling those pesky pimples!

Every single one of these colorful products offer a unique twist of flavor, which means both your skin and your tongue will thank you!

Featured image courtesy of John O’Nolan on Flickr. Image of pineapple courtesy of David Monniaux on Wikimedia.