Futuristic tech at CES 2015

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Sony 4K
The future of high-definition television is here, with Sony’s 4k Ultra HD TV.

Futuristic gadgetry and gizmos were revealed at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

Let’s start off with some awesome Jetsons-like smart home technology. The Budgee robot can carry 50 pounds of stuff, like laundry and groceries, while following you around. Then, there’s the Netatmo Welcome camera that can recognize the faces of family members when they walk in the door, and the ADT security system that lets you change heating, lights, and alarms with just the sound of your voice.

You’ll feel safe as you watch TV on Sony’s 4K ultra HD screen and play video games with the virtual reality Oculus Crescent Bay headset. You can even track your dog with the heat-sensing Tagg or see through their eyes with the Scout 5000 GPS-enabled collar.

Once you’re ready to leave home and travel in high-tech style, Audi’s driverless car can be controlled with an LG smart watch and has a virtual cockpit, while the Mercedes Benz self-driving F015 can talks to pedestrians through front speakers, has lounge-like spinning chairs inside, and an amazing light display on its curved exterior.

Done cruising the streets? You can take to the skies with drones! Armed with cameras, swift propeller blades, and smartphone controls, drones like the Parrot Bebop, Ghost, and AirDog can be steered through the air for some epic spy action. Drones have quickly gained popularity among casual buyers looking for adventure, after years of mainly being used by the military.

Featured image courtesy of International CES Facebook. Image of Sony 4K courtesy of Sony.