Gadget of the Week: Gyrobot

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Gyrobot pieces
So many possibilities…

Several gadgets we encounter on a daily basis contain a device known as a gyroscope, which aids with balance and navigation. Now, you can build your very own wobbly, gravity-defying machine with the Gyrobot kit!

Gyroscopes are basically wheel-like objects with a bar through their center, that can stay balanced by spinning in zany angles. When the disk is still, however, the gyroscope loses its balance and topples over helplessly. However, when the disk is spinning rapidly, it resists falling over!

So, what comes in the Gyrobot kit? Well, kids get a motor-powered gyroscope and 102 different pieces that they can use to make about 7 different gravity-defying robot models. For instance, you can build a tightrope walker (just like the ones in the circus!), a flight simulator, and a gyro horizon, which is used by aircrafts to determine altitude. There’s also a very colorful and picture-filled manual that’ll help you make each of the different models, and show you all the wacky ways the pieces can be assembled together.

At about $50 per box of goodies, the Gyrobot kit is pretty affordable for all you future engineers.

Images courtesy of Thames and Kosmos on YouTube