Gadget of the Week: Hi-reflective umbrella

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Wow, if everyone walked around with one of these, the street would look like a fluffy white summer cloud.

It seems like people save their dullest coats and blackest shirts for rainy days. With the gray clouds menacing over head, it’s hard not to feel a bit down because of the weather. Thanks to Hong Kong-based designer Yee-Ling Wan, however, glowing umbrellas will bring streaks of brightness to these colorless days and keep you safe in the process.

The hi-reflective umbrellas are equipped with a special material that reflects light right back to its source, similar to bike safety tape or a firefighter’s uniform. So, during a dark and stormy night, a pedestrian with this umbrella will glow brightly and alert a driver of their presence.

Amazingly, the flashy gadget can also protect people from spying drones. Recently, Amsterdam-based designer Ruben Pater created the Drone Survival Guide. This guide provides silhouettes of popular dones, and gives advice on how to sneak past their prying surveillance. According to the guide, reflective surfaces can trick drone cameras, so the glowing accessory might also provide extra protection from being spied on!

Images courtesy of SuckUK.