Gadget of the Week: JIVE Bike

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

intelligent dashboard
The high-tech dashboard allows for easy navigation and monitoring of energy.

Riding a bike around the neighborhood or along the beach coast can be pleasant, but when it comes to riding long distances, you’re in for a sore trip home. Well, the new foldable electric JIVE Bike promises to take all the pain out of pedaling for long stretches of time!

A rider can either keep the bicycle in manual mode or pick between two motor-powered features: assisted pedaling or full-blown electric mode. The electric motor can travel up to 20 miles with assisted pedaling on a 2-hour charge, or move at a speedy pace of 15.6 mph in electric mode. As for the bike’s fancy dashboard-like handlebars, it can keep track of battery life and remaining miles, while also providing GPS directions.

Besides all the bells and whistles, JIVE Bike has a subtle futuristic look. Also, the bike doesn’t come with the standard chain around the pedals, so it’s very low maintenance and has incredible endurance. The center bar of the bike’s main frame is set close to the ground, giving it a stylish lowrider appearance. Finally, the 33-pound bike is able to fold in half for convenient transportation.

There is one catch, though. The JIVE Bike comes with a hefty price tag of more than $2,000! At that rate, you might be better off buying Rubbee, the attachable electric bicycle motor.

Images courtesy of JIVE Bike.