Gadget of the Week: “Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum”

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

bug vacuum image
Lock and load!

If you’re like me, seeing a gruesome spider crawling on your wall feels like some kind of living nightmare invading your room. Then again, spiders do us all kinds of favors, like gobbling up blood-sucking mosquitoes and eating plant-damaging bugs. So, if you want to get rid of unwelcome insects without squashing them, the Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum is the perfect gadget!

For just $29.95, the handheld vacuum provides a long tube that can suck in bugs through its one-way trap door tip. It doesn’t even need batteries since a spring-loaded mechanism locks in when you squeeze the handle, then suctions the vermin. What’s especially good news for the bug is that once the critter is eaten by the vacuum, it’s safely deposited in an isolation chamber. Now, you can run along outside and set the little guy free!

If you’re dealing with an especially feisty six-legged or eight-legged friend, an electric grid in the unit’s handle safely stuns it. Then, while you’re tossing it into the yard, the electric grid shuts off thanks to a removable extension tube, ensuring your fingers don’t get zapped in the process.

Images courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer.