Gadget of the Week: Kinetic Creatures

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Geno Giraffe
The toys need to be assembled before they can walk, but that’s half the fun.

When kids get a brand new toy, they probably don’t bother to look twice at the cardboard it came in. However, when it comes to the lovable playthings from Kinetic Creatures, that’s all about to change. Why? Because the wind-up and watch-them-go Rory the Rino, Elly the Elephant, and Geno the Giraffe are made entirely out of cardboard!

It will take a bit of patience before you can play with these adorable creatures, however. They need to be assembled piece by piece, which presents a fun and challenging project to tackle with parents, siblings, or friends. Once the toy is complete, all you have to do is turn a basic wire crank to bring the animals to life! Okay, not literally, but they will walk a few steps for every spin of the crank.

If that sounds like too much work, the Kinetic Creatures also come with a tiny electric motor that allows Rory, Geno, and Elly to roam the house like a real pet! Just don’t let your dog or cat get their claws on em…

Images courtesy of Kinetic Creatures.