Gadget of the Week: R2-D2 Infrared Keyboard

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

R2 keyboard
R2-D2 lends a helping hand to typists everywhere.

Infrared keyboards let you type on projected light, which is pretty handy if you’ve ever wanted to save desk space. It also feels ultra-cool watching a computer respond to your keystrokes as your fingers touch nothing more than the desk and glowing red keys. Well, now you can take it to the next level, to a galaxy far, far away, with the R2-D2 Infrared Keyboard!

Yes, everyone’s favorite chrome dome droid from Star Wars will project an infrared keyboard faster than a hologram of Princess Leia pleading, “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you’re my only hope.”

Not only do you get a a solid little statue replica of R2-D2 that literally fills both hands, but it can connect via Bluetooth 3.0 to any compatible device that has iOS, Android, Windows 7 / 8, or OSX.

Oh, and did I mention that each time you press a key, there’s a droid-like sound effect that follows? And, when you want to power him off, turning his head prompts a full shutdown sequence of robot noises. Perfect! With an adjustable brightness and sound level for the infrared keyboard, this gadget just might be worth saving up for. Then again, that might take you a while, since it costs $330!

Images courtesy of Runatown.