Gadget of the Week: Samsung’s Gear Fit

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Samsung Gear Fit
The Gear Fit requires a smartphone to be fully functional.

Smartwatches seem like the next hot product in technology, but surprisingly, they aren’t too popular among consumers. Fitness trackers, however, have been selling like hot cakes, which is probably why Samsung decided to create the Gear Fit: a gadget that’s part smartwatch, part fitness tracker, and all about the future.

The Gear Fit can carry out basic smartwatch functions, meaning that it can connect to a mobile device and read texts, control alarms, check emails, reject phone calls, and reply with quick texts. The alerts and notifications appear on the sleek, 1.84-inch rectangular touchscreen, which features AMOLED display that creates rich blacks and vibrant colors.

On the other hand (or should I say wrist?), the Gear Fit is a respectable fitness tracker. The device comes equipped with a personalized fitness manager that measures heart rate and steps taken throughout the day. Samsung is currently working on a feature that will monitor sleeping patterns for the Galaxy Gear Fit paired app.

As great as this product is, there are a few problems with it. The first is that it can only connect with some Samsung Galaxy products, so millions of iPhone users won’t have the luxury of owning this awesome gadget. Secondly, the only way the smartwatch can work is if it’s relatively near the phone it’s paired with. This means that people who wish to take the watch as a substitute for their phones are not in luck; they’ll still have to drag the heavy brick along with them.

Other than that, the Gear Fit is a great product that does exactly what it promises and will only get better as it is further developed.

Featured image courtesy of Samsung. Image of Gear Fit smartphone courtesy of Janitors on Flickr.