Gadget of the Week: Tetris LED Desk Lamp

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Tetris lamp
I can’t decide whether the actual Tetris game or stacking these LED lights is more fun!

The classic game of frantically twisting and turning colored blocks to stack them up in Tetris can now be brought to life on your desk with the Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp! Featuring a seven-piece interlocking set of lights that come in the familiar shapes from the video game, the lamp can be stacked however you please. When they’re pieced together, these colorful plastic blocks glow with a delightful shine, bringing some serious geek chic into your bedroom, living room, or office.

What’s especially nifty about this gadget is that the LED lights stay on when they’re all touching, and then stay shut off when disassembled. Whoa! Talk about convenient. Plus, it won’t be quite as stressful piling these guys on top of each other, because anyone who’s played Tetris knows how hectic it gets when they start dropping at superspeed!

You’ll get one of each shaped light per set, but if you’re feeling like a hardcore Tetris master, then get multiple sets. Each set is $39.99, so it would definitely get expensive. If you have a ton of cash lying around, though, then your multiple sets can actually be combined into a super display of nerdy illumination. Just plug them into a standard outlet, and these lightweight 3.5 ounces of awesomeness will make all your gamer buddies super jealous.

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