Gadget of the Week: The Dash

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

high-tech earbuds
How did they fit so much technology into such a small area?

It’s nice to blast some music in your headphones while going for a jog. It’s also convenient to track your fitness levels with a strap-on activity tracker. What if you could do both, in a single wireless device?  That’s exactly what “The Dash” can do. These high-tech earbuds monitor your body’s oxygen, energy, and heart rate, can link up to a smartphone, are water-resistant, and still play music… all at the same time!

While The Dash can connect to a smartphone wirelessly, there’s really no need to drag one along for every run. That’s because the headphones alone are capable of storing up to 1,000 songs directly – no phone or iPod needed! There are also music control commands on the right bud’s touchscreen surface, conveniently located for a runner. The left bud is where all the fitness tracking happens, and it contains a number of sensors that track your pace, steps, rhythm, and distance covered. It’s also capable of monitoring heartbeats, breath rate, and how much oxygen you’ve been taking in.

What’s amazing is that all these sensors don’t take away from the sound quality of The Dash, since the tiny buds have a noise-cancelling feature that blocks loud sounds. No need to hear all the noise from busy streets and honking horns. If a runner receives a phone call, however, a tiny microphone will transmit their voice directly from vibrations on the inner ear bone. That means distracting background noises won’t interfere with the conversation!

The product should be ready to hit the market by October of this year. However, you should start saving up now, since this gadget is likely to cost $300.

Images courtesy of The Dash on Kickstarter.