Gadget of the Week: Walkie Talkie Watches

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Look at all the high-tech goodies you get with your pair of Walkie Talkie Watches!

Ever wanted to sneak around the neighborhood with your buddies, talking into your ultra high-tech wristwatch communicators like James Bond super spies? Well, wait no longer, because the Walkie Talkie Watches from AGPTek are here to fulfill your ultimate secret agent fantasies for a mere $44.99!

Now, you can skulk behind the bushes and report on the movements of evil villains with the aid of two fully functional watches that carry all the power of regular old walkie talkies. What’s especially stealthy about these gadgets is how similar they look to regular digital watches you’d pick up at the local Target store. With a quick flip of an antenna, you can tune into your buddy’s synchronized watch and speak about your plan of action.

The Voice Activated Operation (VOX) technology allows you to bust out these nifty gizmos with all the convenience of hands free devices. You can also choose from one of five melody tones to signal your spy network that an ultra top secret communication is about to light up their wrists. Compatible with all two-way radios, these low key bad boys can transmit at 446 MHZ, come with an alarm for coordinating important missions, carry a stopwatch to time your surveillance of neighborhood baddies, and are equipped with displays back lit by an LCD screen in case you’re running midnight ops.

Images courtesy of HarperCollins.