Gadget turns everything into a musical instrument

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

The next-generation of kids probably won’t know what a real piano is!

Yuri Suzuki, the Disney designer who created a microphone that turns your finger into an audio speaker, has invented yet another high-tech wonder. He’s crafted a very special kind of synthesizer (an electrical instrument that produces a wide range of sounds) called the Ototo, that can turn just about anything into a musical instrument!

All a person has to do is connect some electrical wires from the gizmo to an object, and bam, they’re ready to become the next Mozart. What’s really wild, is that you can play music either by touching an object with your fingers, blowing on it, or changing the lighting around the synthesizer.

Ototo can also be powered with a battery or a USB cord connection, and if you don’t want to play your quirky beats for all the world to hear, just plug in a pair of headphones.

Not in the mood to mess with all the wires involved in connecting the synthesizer to weird objects? No problem! Ototo can still play music directly from the buttons on its mainframe. Really, though… where’s the fun in that?

Images courtesy of Kickstarter.