Gamescom: Day 2 highlights

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

August 23 marked the second day of the massive gaming convention, Gamescom, held in Cologne, Germany. While it may only be the second day, Gamescom 2013 has provided us with some of the most exciting gaming news of the year. On Day 2, Gamescom covered five major categories: family fun games, luxurious car racing, first-person gameplay, superhero adventures, and massively multiplayer online games.

Gamescom 2013 gave us details on a few new options that people of all ages can enjoy. Angry Birds Star Wars, Pokemon X and Y, and Skylanders: Swap Force are just a few of the titles brought up at Gamescom 2013.

Let’s start with Angry Birds Star Wars. The popular bird-flinging, pig-knocking game for iPhones and Androids is finally hitting the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii market. Millions of people have already downloaded the game, rocketing it up the charts to the number one spot on the Apple market for months. Kinect and PS3 Move users will be able to motion control new exclusive content on 20 never-before-seen levels. The best news, though, is the introduction of two-player co-op that lets you join forces, Luke and Han Solo style!

You’ve played every Pokemon game, snagged every gym badge, and still want more? Well, Pokemon X and Y isn’t going to disappoint. The routine might be the same (train your pokemon, get all 8 badges, beat the Elite Four), but Pokemon X and Y has a few differences that really make it stand out against the older versions. In the new Pokemon, trainers can build a friendship with their Pokemon, Nintendog style. That means, you can click on your Pokemon to feed them, pet them, talk to them, and have them respond to you when you make funny faces (or blow kisses!) to the DS screen. As we covered previously, Pokemon X and Y will also have a mega evolution process that will make battling against stronger enemies and trainers easier. The release date for Pokemon X and Y is only months away, so get ready to catch them all on October 12!

Disney Infinity may be at the top of every kid’s wish list, but Activision isn’t letting Disney have all the attention. After all, they’re the ones who started this whole action figure and video game hybrid with Skylanders. In order to hit back at Disney Infinity’s momentum,  Skylanders: Swap Force brings all your favorite figures, like Wash Buckler and Hoot Loop, to life in an open world gameplay. Similar to Disney Infinity, Skylanders: Swap Force lets you mix and match character parts and explore different worlds. There’s no release date just yet, but it’s set to hit every platform (including the PS4!) sometime in the near future.

Maybe you’re a little too young to own a car, or maybe you are old enough, but your parents won’t fork over the dough to get you that crazy sweet Audi R8. Well, with Formula 1 (F1 2013) and Gran Turismo 6, you can finally own the car of your dreams. Scratch that, you can own multiple cars of your dreams.

To get all the modern fixtures and race in a brand new BMW, Gran Turismo 6 is the perfect game. Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi recently announced that he has not been denied from any of the automobile companies he wished to draw designs from. That means, Gran Turismo 6 will have never-before-seen cars that are freshly polished and fully loaded to win first place. You’ll be able to get behind the wheel this December 6!

If you’re someone that’s into the classic cars your grandparents talk about all the time, then Formula 1 (F1 2013) is the perfect game to pick up this year. The original F1 2013 sold more than 6.5 million copies and is now being reissued on the market as the “Classic Edition” which will feature cars from the 80s and 90s. These cars will include the Williams FW12 and the Ferrari F399 for players to race with.

First person shooter (FPS) gameplay is probably, in my opinion, the most exciting. Not only are you seeing everything the way your character is, but there’s something particularly frightening about forcing your character to look over to the right or left in anticipation of the next attack. At Gamescom, the revolutionary mechwarrior and human hybrid shooter that won Best in Show at E3 from IGN, Titanfall, was available for play. Titanfall is a futuristic combat game that has soldiers fighting on foot facing off against one another. If it sounds like your typical first shooter… just wait. Titanfall features giant mechanical robots that soldiers can jump into and pilot. Is it Halo meets Call of Duty, or a way better game than both? I think it’s a new breed, and the all new refined gameplay has everyone (including me) anxiously awaiting the release date.

If you’d rather ditch the Xbox and PlayStation in favor of a computer, then Gamescom has some pretty sweet MMO tidbits to keep you happy. World of Warcraft is getting an all new expansion pack, but it better watch out for EVE: Valkyrie – a massive MMO spin-off that, get this, originally started as a tech demo made by five guys in their spare time! While details about release dates are sketchy, there’s still this awesome trailer showing off the graphics and gunplay.

So, what about WoW’s expansion pack? Did I get you all excited? Well, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until this upcoming November for BlizzCon. Game Director Tom Chilton wouldn’t budge on specifics, but did say this, “Upcoming patch 5.4 has the final raid tier for Mists of Pandaria, and there will be another content patch to bridge the storyline between Mists of Pandaria and the next expansion.”

Alright, enough of pandas and space battles, let’s talk superheroes. For all of you who can’t get enough of your favorite DC and Marvel characters from the comics, movies, and television shows, fire up a console with one of the following two games!

For you batarang-tossing vigilantes, Batman: Arkham Origins lets you play as a younger, less experienced Bruce Wayne. Fight crime in Gotham City while being hunted by eight of the deadliest assassins from the DC comic universe. Warner Bros. promises appearances by The Joker, Penguin, Bane, and Deathstroke, all of whom will have equally fresh and young faces.

Alright, so maybe you’re all about Marvel. In LEGO Marvel, game designer Arthur Parsons, assures us that he has every superhero in the Marvelverse that you’ve ever wanted to be. Each mini figure has its own personality and fighting style, so playing the Hulk feels totally different from jetting around as Tony Stark.

Was this list of titles not enough to whet your appetite? ‘Cause if it wasn’t, the PS4 has… some options. Sony revealed that the PS4 will have 33 games for play between the consoles launch in November and the end of the year, and 180 more games already in development for 2014!

That’s quite a lot to chew on, and I’ve really just skimmed the surface. There’s a good reason Gamescom is known as the mother of all video game conferences! Since this infinite fountain of gaming goodness isn’t officially over until Aug 25, there’s still plenty more to come. We’ll keep a close eye on the final moments at Gamescom, and give you a weekend summary on Monday.

Featured image courtesy of Holek on Wikimedia. Videos courtesy of LEGO, Marvel Comics, Polyphony Digital, and CCP Games.