Germany wins World Cup, beats Argentina 1-0

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

World Cup winner
The epic winning kick by Mario Goetze.

After leapfrogging over Brazil to the World Cup Finals in a humiliating 7-1 semifinals domination, Germany faced a much tougher competitor in Argentina on Sunday. In fact, neither side scored a goal for over 90 minutes of play!

The brutal game looked more like a rough-and-tumble boxing match, as physical injuries were tossed around left and right. Heads, knees, and eyes flew in every direction, with each side’s immovable defenses halting the opposition’s unstoppable offenses.

Just when it seemed like the game would be decided by a penalty shootout, much like Argentina’s victory over the Netherlands in their semifinals match, Germany’s Mario Goetze knocked one in the net past goalie Sergio Romero. Now, soccer fans look forward to the next World Cup, which will be hosted by Russia in 2018.

Images courtesy of FIFA World Cup Facebook.