Giant hovercraft nearly crushes people on beach!

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Which one of these doesn’t belong: cat, dog, mouse, or chair? Okay that one was easy. While each of them do have four legs, the piece of furniture is not a furry animal that can be kept as a pet! Okay, round two. Which of these doesn’t belong: sunscreen, beach, waves, or… gigantic Russian military hovercraft? Ding ding ding!

That might’ve just been a silly game, but recently, some innocent Russian beachgoers were just sitting on near the waterline when BOOM! A Russian hovercraft charged at them! The 187-foot-long and 550-ton “Zubr” is reportedly the largest hovercraft in the world! Why did the military randomly startle innocent, tanning bystanders? Russia’s Ministry of Defense claims the docking wasn’t random and that they were just doing regular practice rounds with the watercraft. Also, the beach is supposed to be a private military operating location and the beachgoers weren’t supposed to be there!

It’s a miracle no one was harmed in the incident!  If I ever decide to visit Russia, remind me not to chill on that particular beach.