Gleeks say goodbye to actor Cory Monteith

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Cory Monteith will definitely be missed.

Earlier in the month, Gleeks (the name for Glee fans) faced the devastating loss of actor Cory Monteith (known for playing the role of Finn Hudson) and wondered about the fate of the show. At the age of 32, Cory Monteith fell prey to his dark history of drug abuse, when he fatally overdosed on alcohol and heroin. Even in the midst of his struggles, Cory somehow managed to not only have a successful acting career, but also used his fame to highlight the dangers of drug addiction.

A week after the beloved actor’s death, head writer Ryan Murphy is finally breaking his silence to inform about his plans. The show will continue to air on Fox with the blessing of Monteith’s girlfriend Lea Michele (who plays loudmouth and Broadway-obsessed Rachel Berry) and the cast. When asked about the best direction to take the show, Murphy revealed, “Once you’re faced with this situation, which is devastating… There’s really no way to win in this situation. So our position was, do we go off the air permanently? Do we go off the air until November? Do we start shooting again in January? But the thing that we ultimately found was that our cast and crew wanted to be together, they wanted to go back to work, they wanted to sort of be in a place where they could all remember and discuss Cory sooner than later. As for me, I really had no set opinion. I was willing to do what people wanted.”

So keep your candles lit and nostalgic smiles firm for Cory, because Glee is set to return for its fifth season on September 26, one week later than its original release date of September 18. The show will air three episodes and then take an extended hiatus (a break) so that the cast can emotionally regroup and be prepared for the rest of the season. With a Finn Hudson tribute episode in the works, Gleeks have no reason to stop believing; Cory Monteith will never be forgotten. Click here to read the rest of Ryan Murphy’s interview.