Goodbye smartphones, hello wearables

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

wearable phone
Making a phone call will soon be as easy as wearing a bracelet.

It’s been less than 21 years since smartphones made their first real appearance on the market, and consumers are quickly losing interest in the multi-talented device. So, what can compete with a gadget that makes calls, sends texts, browses the Web, plays games, takes pictures, sends emails, and has access to thousands upon thousands of apps?

According to experts, the competition isn’t coming from a single gadget, but rather from a wave of wearable gear. Large companies are starting to switch their focus from creating the most attractive smartphones, to designing appealing wearable devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers,  smart glasses, and even smart clothes. For example, Samsung recently unveiled their latest smartwatch at the Mobile World Congress, which is the same convention that Sony used to show off their SmartBand fitness tracker. Meanwhile, Google is working on a tattoo-like device that allows users to talk on the phone without holding a mobile object to their face.

However, it’s not just the most recognizable names in communications tech that are paving the way for wearables. Smaller start-up companies are also promoting nifty inventions to the public. For example, the product SIGMO is a wearable device that instantly translates your conversation into 25 different languages. Then, there’s the Aurora headband that promises to allow users to control their own dreams. So, there’s definitely a wide variety of possibilities in the wearables market that goes way beyond phone capabilities. Also, since Google recently released their operating system to the public, it’ll be that much easier and cheaper for startups to create a platform for smart wear.

It won’t be easy for wearables to break into the mainstream, though, since 80-90% of products are predicted to fail in the market! Experts say that even if smart wear is the next big thing, no one really knows exactly what kind of gear the public will swoon over. It’ll definitely take a bunch of trial and error to figure out what the next hot product will be. Also, since many of these wearable devices require connection to smartphones, it’s safe to say smartphones will still be among us for years to come.

Featured image courtesy of Kārlis Dambrāns on Flickr. Image of wearable phone courtesy Razer Zone.