Google buys robotics company, Boston Dynamics

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

“BigDog” takes on rough terrain to carry gear for soldiers.

Google recently announced that it has successfully purchased the Massachusetts robotics company, Boston Dynamics. There’s been a lot of talk surrounding this business deal, because Boston Dynamics creates tons of futuristic technology for the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Some of the robots designed with DARPA funds include BigDog, a four-legged machine that can carry soldiers’ equipment, and WildCat, which is the world’s fastest running robot. These are some seriously advanced machines that are obviously useful for warfare, but why is Google poking its nose around Boston Dynamics?

Well, this is actually the eighth robot company Google has bought. Whoa! Are they building an army or something?

Some reports suggest that the internet search engine giant is less concerned with the military possibilities and more interested in the general robotics industry. Google executive Andy Rubin is responsible for leading the company’s robotics branch, which includes a self-driving car and Android, the world’s largest smartphone software. Reporters from the New York Times believe that Google is interested in developing some sort of autonomous (self-controlling) system that could do just about anything from warehouse work to elderly care.

While we all play guessing games, Google has yet to release an official statement regarding their exact plans with Boston Dynamics. The moment we hear anything, we’ll let you know!

Images courtesy of Boston Dynamics.