Google Glass charges advertisers for eyeball scans

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Did you ever notice how many advertisements you are bombarded with in a day? They are plastered on practically every website you visit, every park bench you pass, and every billboard you spot. Stop to think about it, though. Are are you actually paying attention to them, or do you just take a glimpse without real thought? Advertisers spend millions, if not billions of dollars trying to catch your attention, so it would be a real waste if your eyes didn’t so much as glance upon their hard work. Well, a new feature from Google Glass will take care of that problem. In their “pay per gaze” plan, the company will only charge advertisers if a person stares at their ad, both on the Google Glass screen and in the real world. Instead of paying to have their ad on display, companies will only pay if they catch a person’s attention on the gadget. Of course, some people are worried this is an invasion of privacy, so Google lets them turn off this feature if they wish.

Featured image courtesy of Loic Le Meur on Wikipedia.