Winter Wonderlabs pop up across America

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Google Winter Wonderlab
What better way to browse the modern marvels that Google dreams up, than being surrounded by snowy holiday spirit?

Google is showing off its latest futuristic gadgets inside mega snowglobes called Winter Wonderlabs! Virtual snowflakes dance across the walls as customers browse through high-tech goodies like Chromecast TV devices and Chromebook laptops. Inside these holiday Google pop-up shops, you can even shoot slow motion videos of yourself dancing around in CGI snow!

So far, these special Wonderlabs have appeared in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Chicago, New York, Paramus, NJ, and Washington, DC. However, if you’re dying to try on a pair of Google Glass spectacles, these Wonderlabs will sadly not be featuring the ultra-hyped glasses. The good news is that all the effort put into building such spiffy Google stores means that the internet giant is showing greater interest in offering physical shops for customers. Perhaps one day, they’ll be as exciting to visit as all those sleek Apple stores.

Images courtesy of Winter Wonderlab on YouTube.