Got a major headache that won’t stop?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

headache man
Wow, his headache seems to be really painful. Maybe he’ll be interested in Dr. Billy Huh’s medical implant.

Have you ever gotten home from a long, tough day at school with a throbbing pain in your brain? Usually, a large cup of water and a short nap can make it all feel better. However, for 45 million Americans suffering from chronic headaches, no amount of water, sleep, or medicine eases their pain.

Hmm, maybe an experimental medical implant from University of Texas and Duke University scientists will be their saving grace!

The researchers have invented a device that can be implanted directly onto a patient’s skull, right underneath the skin, that can ease a headache. So far, 46 participants have been involved in this 2-year-long study, and the device has been heavenly. If they feel a large, throbbing headache coming on, they can flip a magnetic switch on a box attached to their lower back. This triggers the implant to release electrical waves to lull away their headache!

Dr. Billy Huh, the medical director of the Department of Pain Medicine at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, says the treatment isn’t perfect, as it doesn’t make all the pain disappear. In fact, it doesn’t even help some of the patients, but that’s no reason not to keep researching the device. “The most important thing, they were able to have a family, enjoy life basically without suffering from this debilitating disease,” said Huh. “This treatment offers hope to those patients and a chance.”

Featured image courtesy of Daniel Epstein on Flickr. Image of man with headache courtesy of Brandon Koger on Flickr.