Grads enroll on National College Signing Day

By Don Rajael, CCNN Writer

Choosing the right college can be tough. Even the brilliant guardian robot from “Lost in Space” would have trouble advising young Will Robinson!

Surviving the trip from high school to college can feel like World War II’s Invasion of Normandy, which is why National College Signing Day is held on May 1!

High school graduates enlist… I mean, enroll… in their chosen college on “May Day!” “Danger, Will Robinson!” And yes, along the way, a few them probably felt as Lost in Space as the astronauts from the classic 1960s sci-fi show.

Whether you’re enrolling in a local state college or one of the eight elite Ivy League schools, May 1 is often the deadline set by universities to accept or reject them. Programs like the Reach Higher Initiative encourage students to make the leap from high school senior to college freshman, without falling to their doom faster than Wiley Coyote.

Last year, nearly 70 percent of high school grads were enrolled in colleges or universities. Nice!

Obama CSD
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama show off their college spirit. The White House officially declared May 1 “National College Signing Day” as part of Mrs. Obama’s “Reach Higher” initiative.

If you’re a rock star like high school senior Alexander Roman, who got into all 8 Ivy League schools last year, you have a really tough choice to make! Roman ended up turning down all 8 of these top Northeastern USA schools – like Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and Princeton – to become a freshman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). That’s still an impressive choice, since MIT is one of the most prestigious schools out there for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Will Alexander Roman build the next Batmobile? Perhaps a Roman chariot worthy of Alexander the Great?

Even if you don’t make it into an Ivy League school, college will majorly improve your chances of succeeding in life. And, if you’re not in high school yet, it’s never too early to start preparing for college! If you’ve already made your decision, then here’s some advice from First Lady Michelle Obama. In the spirit of National College Signing Day, she said, “If we want to truly lead the world again in terms of young people with a college degree, we should celebrate students going to college the same way we celebrate athletes and celebrities. Education should be that important for every single person in this country.”

Featured image courtesy of The College Board. Image of Obamas courtesy of The White House.