Hay Day is taking over the farm

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Hay Day #2Mooooove over Farmville, Supercell’s newest app Hay Day (it’s free, too!) is sure to have you plucking weeds and finding new land to conquer. Equipped with more features than Farmville, Hay Day has easier touch settings when it comes to harvesting your crops. Not only is it simpler than using a mouse and constantly clicking, the touch screen option makes for more fun when it comes to the additional in-app mini games such as fishing.

The objective of the game is to rebuild your great-grandfather’s old farm after he has handed it down to you through inheritance. To start, Hay Day gives you 3 wheat crops and a chicken pen, after which you have to expand and sell the eggs to get more crops and animals.

Whether you’re casting your line, or shearing your sheep to make a sweater, Hay Day is bound to have you obsessively checking your phone. Who cares about texting back when your itty bitty piggies are asking for more food?