Record-breaking heat wave scorches USA

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

heat wave
Southern California is experiencing record-breaking heat.

As manmade pollution eats away at the Earth’s atmosphere, the Sun’s heat is getting trapped on our planet, causing global warming. When it’s not melting ice caps and releasing frosty winds from the north, climate change is raising temperatures to sweat-inducing extremes! All across the country, a brutal heat wave is scorching the landscape, especially in drought-stricken Southern California.

For the past few years, California has had a major water shortage, and this drought has impacted farm workers very negatively. Since the Golden State feeds so much of the nation, providing lots of fruits and veggies, the impact has been felt all the way on the East Coast.

While the sunshine state is known for bright skies and warmth for much of the year, the current heat wave is the worst of the summer, and 2015 is already on its way to being the hottest year ever. Some heat measurements even reached 110 degrees this week, and wildfires are sweeping across fields and trees.

Fans are sold out in nearly every store as residents become drenched in sweat, and officials are encouraging everyone to drink water, use suntan lotion, and find shade!

Featured image courtesy of peasap on Flickr. Image of freeway sunset courtesy of waltarrrrr.