Hollywood needs more superwomen…

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

wonder woman
Wonder Woman.

Growing up with an older brother and 6 cousins around the house really made it difficult to be a pretty, pink princess. Fighting for the TV to watch episodes of “My Little Pony” was near impossible when the only thing they ever wanted to watch was the Spider-Man cartoon. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m totally into the superhero world and fighting villains, but as a youngin’ I could never fully understand the attraction. I didn’t want to be Iron Man, I definitely didn’t want to be a Ninja Turtle, and I wanted to change the channel whenever the scary super-villain Venom was on my screen. This is where the problem starts. See, little girls don’t have too many superwomen to look up to.

Hollywood says they’re all for gender equality, but how much can they actually back up that claim? When it comes to superheroes saving the day, you won’t see Wonder Woman headlining the big screen TV. This year, the super-hero industry, which included films like Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and Wolverine, told us that the heroic male lead was once again the film industry’s top priority. Yes, female characters are slowly getting out of the damsel in distress stereotype (like Black Widow in The Avengers and Pepper Potts in Iron Man) but when are we going to see them suited up and fighting alone? Let’s push Captain America to the side and let a new American wonder grace our skies: Wonder Woman. Now, that would really make an 11 year old me happy to watch cartoons and line up to see it on the big screen TV.

Pop culture expert Scott Huver tries to explain the lack of women as filmmakers sticking to their comfort zone, “Part of the lack of lead female action stars is the prevailing mentality of ‘safe bets’ by the big studios making such films and part of it is the fact that so many aging franchises the studio favors didn’t come equipped with empowered female characters. Safe and familiar rules the blockbuster mentality at the moment, and very few are trying to trail-blaze for action heroines.”

Yeah, that’s pretty confusing for us, too! Basically, he’s trying to say that directors are scared to stray away from the normal, expected storylines in fear of losing money and ticket sales. I think that introducing a new league of super fighting women would bring in a new base of fans; little girls who are ready to kick their brother’s butts. Well, maybe that’s the reason why Hollywood won’t let little girls in on the flying fun…

Featured image courtesy of Marvel Comics and Wonder Woman image courtesy of DC Comics.