How can we control our appetite?

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

fast food image
Getting enough sleep can cut those greasy cravings!

We all know that we should be getting a healthy balance of leafy greens, hearty proteins, and nutritious fruits in our diets. Sometimes, however, when our hunger is too hard to control, all we want to do is gobble up greasy fats and artificial sugars! If you don’t want to get bullied by your hunger, just follow these simple steps to keep it at bay…

Step number one: make sure you get enough sleep. Several studies have shown sleep deprivation – or not getting enough sleep over a long period of time – just triggers our cravings for foods saturated in fat and sugar! On the other hand, catching a sufficient amount of shut-eye decreases overall consumption of calories and eventually leads to weight loss.

If you already get all the Zzz’s you need during bedtime, another great way to keep your appetite calm is to avoid boring exercise! Wait, what? Before you get too comfortable on the couch, hear me out. One study found that participants who thought of getting their physical activity through a “workout” were more likely to overeat than participants who thought of getting their exercise through a “fun” activity. So, instead of thinking “oh, I have to exercise today” it’s better to have thoughts like “I’m going to run extra fast during this soccer game!”

Finally, if you want to really conquer your hunger, one of the best ways to do so is to eat on a schedule. Try to eat your breakfast within one hour of waking up, and space all the other meals out about 3-5 hours evenly after that. Also, make sure the portion sizes stay about the same!

So, if you’re stomach is grumbling at you to fill it with food now, just know there are several ways to make it hush.

Featured image courtesy of Jean-Marie Hullot on Fotopedia. Image of fast food courtesy of Maurice Svay on Flickr.