How did Taylor Swift celebrate her 24th birthday?

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Taylor Swift birthday
Can you spot the smiling birthday girl?!

As a December baby born two days before Christmas, I guess you could say I’m very bitter about the holidays. As a kid, all I wanted was presents and toys, but instead of getting two gifts for both my birthday and Christmas, everyone gave me a “combo” bag and said ‘Merry Birthday!’ Lame, right? Well, anyways, let’s forget about how much of a scrooge I am, and talk about how amazingly generous Taylor Swift is instead!

Did we really need another reason to love her? Probably not, but she gave us one anyways! The country singer celebrated her 24th birthday on December 13 by selflessly donating $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony. Over the last few years, less and less people have swarmed the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, and because of that the center nearly faced foreclosure earlier in the year. That means the concert hall had to pay a hefty sum of money or else the state would sell the center!

Just like her other generous actions, Swift did not talk about the donation, but the symphony did tweet their gratitude. “We are very appreciative of @TaylorSwift13 generous bday gift. It will make huge impact 4 community Thank you Taylor!” the tweet read.

It’s not the first time America’s angel has donated an inspiring amount of money, and we know for sure that it won’t be the last!

Images courtesy of Taylor Swift Facebook.