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Pin on Heart Bokeh Overlays: Have you heard of them? They are amazing. Heart Bokeh is a gorgeous overlay that can be used to create any type of pattern or design you’d like. It is great for use on the face, body, and even your hair! If you’re looking to make an accent pillow or baby blanket, quilt or a scrapbook cover it is the ideal material to choose. They are also affordable compared to other fabrics. You’ll be amazed at how easy to work with these fabrics.

Where can you buy an overlay that pins-on-heart? You can find them online, in craft stores, and in a variety of department stores. You can even make your own if you’re creative. This material is easy to work with because it has a snap as well as an velcro corner which makes it easy to sew. There are a few things that you will require to make this fantastic material like a pin, thread, and needle, but it is extremely easy to make these items.

First, start by sewing a hole in the corner of the pillow. This should be about 3 inches beyond the actual edge of the material. You will then utilize a pin and thread to attach the pillow into the hole. Use a ruler to make sure that you’re not cutting into the fabric. Once you are satisfied with the How To Create and Apply design of the pillow, turn it over and stitch it shut. You can repeat the procedure on the opposite side.

Once you have made two or three pillows with the material, you’ll need to sew the completed product to your existing quilting. Begin by sewing a small row around the pillow’s edge. Then, use a pin or needle to join the pinched square to the square you just created.

Then, you can secure your pillow’s edges with glue or sew. If you opt to sew them, make sure to only sew one side of your material. Otherwise, it will break. If you decide to glue them, I suggest that you tape the entire thing instead of glueing it. Since the material is an open weave, glue can pull the threads loose rather easily. Spray some glue on the material if you haven’t put it in glue. Press down on it to ensure it sticks to your material. This will stop any leakage that can occur if the glue is pulled away from your material.

Now that the Pillow is completed You can now enjoy your personalization! The best thing about these is that they can be used over again. You can wash your blanket and reuse it. They can also be reused! Each time you use a Bokeh Pillow, you are actually helping save the trees!