How to stay disease-free around lovable pets

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

pet rats
Good pet habits can keep both you and your furry friend healthy.

It’s time to wash those hands and avoid puppy licks, because a recent study found that pets can spread diseases to kids.

Yep, that includes dogs, cats, rodents, and amphibians. That doesn’t mean you can’t give them a big old hug or pet your pet to your heart’s content, just be sure to tidy up afterwards. Whether you’re cleaning an aquarium or picking up after your dog in the park, use protective gloves to remove animal waste.

If you’ve got a dog that just loves to lick your face, discourage it from doing so. Also, keep animal food away from your human food, so they don’t slobber all over it, and don’t let pets eat off your dish! And, if you’re visiting a zoo or wildlife park, avoid contact with exotic creatures… you know, like Kim Kardashian.

Featured image courtesy of Luigi Anzivino on Flickr. Image of rat courtesy of Jessica Finson on Flickr.