Hugh Jackman pulled back in for Wolverine sequel

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

The Wolverine
Wolverine + Japanese culture = Epic.

Back in August, Hugh Jackman’s reps said the future of Wolverine was still being debated, with the actor uncertain about continuing to wield those adamantium claws. Now, it looks like Jackman won’t be getting rid of the regen, the beard, and that metallic skeleton of his anytime soon! The Wolverine director, James Mangold, is apparently in negotiations with Fox for a sequel to the summer hit.

Jackman’s always been a fan of the character, not so much for his epic fighting skills, as for Wolverine’s unique personality. He describes him as a guy “who is the outsider” and who stands for “anti-authority, anti-tradition, anti-honor, anti-code.” Then, when he got thrown into Japan with all the samurai and ninjas in The Wolverine, it became a perfect mix because “he’s emotional,” unlike the more rigid and honor-bound Eastern warriors. Jackman said, “He acts and then has to deal with the fallout from it.”

So far, The Wolverine has made $413 million worldwide, which means it’s the second highest-earning X-Men film.

For now, you’ll have to wait until May 23, 2014 to see Jackman suit up again, when sequel-prequel Days of Future Past releases. Judging by the trailers, Comic Con panels, and storyline, Days of Future Past is going to be one heck of a movie. I’m sure Wolverine fans will be positively salivating for a sequel to The Wolverine afterwards, if they aren’t already anxiously flexing their claws!

Images courtesy of The Wolverine Facebook.