Hunger Games fashion hitting the market

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

catching fire fashion ad
How can we be sure that isn’t Lady Gaga hiding behind those solid bronze sunglasses? In fact, has anyone seen Lady Gaga lately? This is all too suspicious.

I’ll be the first to admit that the fashion of The Hunger Games trilogy was probably my favorite part of the book. Author Suzanne Collins managed to bring every inch of the Capitol’s clothing alive by describing their materials in detail, as well as painting colorful images in our minds of the vibrant and bizarre makeup.

To bring these designs to life, Lionsgate Studios is partnering with upscale fashion retailer Net-a-Porter to sell clothing, leather goods, and accessories based on The Hunger Games. The movie’s costume designer, Trish Summerville (who was recently named “Designer of the Year” at the Style Awards), is creating the 16-piece Catching Fire collection. So, here’s your chance to rock the Katniss Everdeen look without participating in the deadly Hunger Games!

The Catching Fire fashion takeover doesn’t end with just leather jackets and shirts, though! Lionsgate has also made deals with Microsoft, Subway, and Cover Girl to market the movie aggressively. Now, we don’t know quite how Subway sandwiches will fit in with the trend, but if it means I can order a toasted “Peeta” bread sandwich then that’s awesome!

Okay, but could franchise-inspired clothing be the next big thing in the fashion industry? It’s hard to say no when movies like The Great Gatsby and TV shows like Mad Men are marketing their own clothing lines, too.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the dapper looks of Mad Men and The Great Gatsby on men and women everywhere! As for The Hunger Games… well, maybe the eccentric and over-the-top outfits should be left to Lady Gaga instead. That way, we can at least pretend she doesn’t exist outside of paparazzi pictures!

Images courtesy of The Hunger Games Facebook.