Hungry infants get more attention from women than men

By Alejandro Freixes, CCNN Head Writer

Next time an infant starts crying, it’s going to have a better chance of getting attention from a woman than a man.

Not that a man is going to ignore an infant or anything, since there’s plenty of awesome dads. However, a science study measured the brain activity of men and women and found that the ladies showed more attention than men when an infant cried.

The scientists asked men and women to let their minds wander before playing a recording of white noise – like the noise when a television isn’t working. Every now and then, the sound of an infant crying would come out of nowhere, and while the men’s brains remained relaxed, the women’s would become super alert.

One of the authors of the study, Marc H. Bornstein, Ph.D., says, “Previous studies have shown that, on an emotional level, men and women respond differently to the sound of an infant crying… our findings indicate that men and women show marked differences in terms of attention as well.”

So, it looks like we already knew there were different emotional responses in guys and gals, but now we know there’s also a difference in attention.

On a side note, ever wonder why infants cry? It’s not like they can talk about their feelings or anything. Well, thanks to science, we know they usually just feel stressed out, hungry, or want physical touch.

So, next time you feel like bawling your eyes out or trying to get attention, you might have a better chance of getting noticed by a lady.

Then again, if you’re not an infant, maybe you’ll just annoy them instead.