Games that control your mind

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Xbox controls
In the future, it seems like video games will be more addicting than ever. Embrace reality while you can!

Think about your favorite video game… what makes it so good? According to University College London, people really love games that pull them deeply into the virtual world, causing them to forget reality and lose track of time. They live for the thrill of an emotional rollercoaster and the adrenaline of heart-thumping action. Microsoft knows this, which is why their next version of the Xbox Kinect may use that information to really intensify the gaming experience!

The upgraded Xbox Kinect will feature a 1080p high-speed camera (which is pretty sophisticated) that can keep track of eye movement, muscle twitches, and hand gestures. Additionally, the player’s heat signals can be read via infrared sensors. Together, these high-tech recorders could potentially physically analyze a player as they’re drawn further and further into the virtual world, even altering the experience to match.

For example, say you’re playing a game and get to a level that’s particularly exciting. At that moment, the cameras will note your heartbeat getting faster and body temperature rising, so they’ll change the game just enough to make it even more stimulating! Before you know it, 10 long and eventful hours have passed and you still want to keep going…

Does this type of ultra-responsive system sound too good to be true? Well, a gaming company in Israel has already incorporated similar technology that can track eye and head movements to adjust a player’s viewpoint on screen. Not having to toggle the joystick and change camera angles definitely helps immerse the player!

If you weren’t a hardcore gamer before, this absorbing gadgetry will have you wanting to play day and night!

Featured image courtesy of Pop Culture Geek on Flickr. Image of Xbox controller courtesy of Luke Hayfield Photography on Flickr.