Inception-like headband lets you control dreams

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Hey, don’t you have to be asleep for it to work?

Lucid dreaming is a sleeping state in which a person realizes they are dreaming. Often, this means you can control what happens, making your imagination come to life! Many people train themselves to conquer this skill, and now a new gadget promises to make it easier than ever.

The Inception-like device is called the Aurora headband. It’s able to track a person’s brainwaves and eye movements in order to determine when a person enters rapid eye movement (REM) sleep – a stage of rest where dreams are most likely to occur. From there, it alerts the user enough to make them aware they are dreaming, but not enough to wake them up completely. Then, with complete control, a person can do whatever they wanted, and it’d feel real.

As simple as the process seems, some experts are quick to point out potential flaws with the Aurora headband. “The public is fascinated with dreams,” said Dr. Rachel Salas, assistant medical director at Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep. “And while everyone would love to tweak their musical abilities or hypnotize themselves to lose weight, I think we’re a long way away from this headband being used as a clinical tool.”

So far, the gadget has raised almost $200,000 on Kickstarter, a website which uses public support to get money.

Images courtesy of Aurora on Kickstarter.