Internet votes on squid monster “Cthulhu” for baby’s name

By Amanda Pelayo, CCNN Writer

internet name
After all was said and done, the McLaughlins went with a name far less nutty than what Reddit users had been suggesting. I’m sure Amelia will be quite thankful for it in the future!

So, what happens when you ask the internet to name your baby? Canadian programmer, Stephen McLaughlin, set out to find out for himself. After all, public internet polls have been used to name everything from baby zoo animals to asteroids, so why not let the world wide web name your newborn? As you can imagine, the results were… nutty.

Stephen took to the social media site Reddit (and all of its 2.89 million users), asking the internet to come up with a first and middle name for his baby daughter, months before she was born. He even set up a website called Not surprisingly, the outpour of bizarre name suggestions proved to be more than the McLaughlins (or any other parents) could work with.

Among the suggestions were: Yana Don’t-Blink, Chalupa Batman, Megatron Salad, and Streetlamp of-the-Sea. Unfortunately, with a whopping 150,000 votes, the name Cthulhu was the big winner. Cthulhu, for those of you who don’t know, is a mythical evil winged beast that has an octopus for a face. Adorable! Not really, though.

The McLaughlins ultimately decided to veto the internet on this one, opting instead for a name they could a) pronounce; and b) ensure their daughter would one day speak to them: Amelia Savannah Joy. Good idea, McLaughlins, and may we say, “Phew!” Bad news for Reddit users who were hoping for an evil creature to join their fandom ranks, but good news for parents everywhere, as Cthulhu is still up for grabs!

Featured image courtesy of titolibio on deviantART.