Inventor Elon Musk builds Iron Man laboratory

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Elon Musk robotics
Elon Musk observes robotic arms at work in the building that now serves his Tesla Motors.

You remember Elon Musk right? The man that founded SpaceX with all its futuristic rockets and Tesla Motors? If that doesn’t ring a bell, he’s also the brains behind the Hyperloop rail system and PayPal. I thought that might get your attention! It’s safe to say that Musk is a very busy man who’s doing big things for the world of advanced technology, just like Tony Stark does in Iron Man. In fact, Iron Man’s director, Jon Favreau has admitted that he used Musk as inspiration for super-genius Tony Stark! The director has even mentioned Musk’s companies in his movies.

Well, it looks like Musk himself was inspired by the Iron Man movies! Earlier this month, the inventor tweeted that he and his company have “figured out how to design rocket parts just [with] hand movements through the air.” That sounds a lot like the rockets on the Iron Man suit, doesn’t it? Well, Jon Favreau thought so too and he asked Musk if they were “like in Iron Man?” Apparently, they’re just like the ones from the flick! In fact, Musk says he “saw it in the movie and made it real.”

I know what you’re wondering… does this mean he’s working on a super-advanced tech suit just like the one Iron Man uses? I was about to tweet and ask him myself until I saw he’d already answered the question! “And, uhh no (zillionth person who asked), I am not going to make an [Iron Man] suit, however design by hand-manipulated hologram is actually useful.” Dagnabbit! Oh well, at least I get to see the rockets in action when Musk posts a video next week!

Featured image courtesy of Iron Man Facebook. Image of Elon Musk courtesy of Steve Jurvetson on Wikipedia.