Inventors gather at White House Maker Faire

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Maker Faire giraffe
President Barack Obama interacts with one of the huge robots on display at the Maker Faire, while discussing its capabilities.

On Wednesday, over 100 “makers” from 25 states presented their creations at the White House Maker Faire, an event held by President Barack Obama to inspire American inventors. Obama spent this week talking about improving the USA’s economy, and he hopes the Maker Faire will motivate people of all ages to become scientists and builders.

“We’ve got to make sure that more Americans have the skills and opportunities to land a job in a growing industry or to create entire new industries,” said Obama. “That’s why I’m declaring today a national day of making.”

It’s not all serious business at the Maker Faire, though, since some of the wacky inventions included a 17-foot electric giraffe and a mega dinosaur head. Meanwhile, teenage students from The Workshop School in Philadelphia displayed their “soofa”, which is a solar-powered bench capable of charging cell phones.

Several other makers showed off nifty products made using 3D printers, which are machines that can print out actual objects by reading computer-based designs. Obama believes these unique printers, which are already being used in fields ranging from medicine to space exploration, can open the door for the average American to bring their ideas into reality.

Images courtesy of The White House.