Is Robocop real? The future of security is here…

By Casey Frye, CCNN Writer

Robocop image
Robocop might not be science fiction in 10-20 years.

In the 80s movie called Robocop, a company creates a high-tech humanoid (something that looks human) capable of enforcing the law. Well, there may not be robots hanging out at donut shops, but according to US Army representatives and the director of the film itself, electronic soldiers are marching into our very near future. In fact, cops are already planning to use drones to catch thieves and break up sieges!

Every robot that patrols battlefields and dangerous city streets means one less human life at risk. And, these mechanical troopers will be quicker, smarter, stronger, and more agile on the field than any living person could ever be, ending conflicts and tracking down evildoers efficiently.

Despite these benefits, Robocop director José Padilha believes caution is needed. Why? Well, taking humans out of the picture in matters of war and law enforcement might take compassion and moral judgment out of the equation too. Can robots be programmed to know the difference between what is right and wrong?

One thing is for sure… robots are already buzzing through the skies as surveillance drones, driving self-driving cars, and even rescuing people from disaster zones. So, buckle up and don’t forget your power cord!

Images courtesy of Robocop Facebook.