James Franco to host TV art talk show

By Melissa Platero, CCNN Writer

Mona Franco
The devilish Mona Franco? James Franco seems fond of mixing the classics with modern graffiti.

Actor, writer, director, screenwriter, producer, teacher, author, and now… talk show host… we’re starting to wonder if there’s something James Franco can’t do. Adding to his already long resume, Franco is taking his love for art to a new television series called James Franco Presents.

His passion for literature, film, and fine arts is finally going to be accessible to fans in a way that allows them to learn about issues in the art community, while getting viewers to participate in active discussions. The show will air November on the broadcasting channel OvationTV.

Franco will act as both a host and executive producer that will give viewers an inside look at his gallery of creative projects. Thousands of hours from Franco’s personal video library, such as video diaries and footage from his private art films, will be showcased on James Franco Presents.

Though the show will primarily focus on his own art, it will also include plenty of footage from his students’ films and galleries.

Taken directly from the official site, James Franco wrote, “This is a show where content dictates form and form dictates content. It is an art show that is an art piece, meaning the show has synched with the rhythms of my life and work.”

Fans aren’t the only ones supporting James, though. Ovation’s Chief Creative Officer, Robert Weiss, has his back 100%. “James Franco is the ultimate artist, so partnering with James is a dream come true for Ovation,” he said. “And, since Ovation’s mantra is ‘art is everywhere,’ James is the perfect person through whom to introduce viewers to a modern, more inclusive definition of art.” Set your reminders for November, because James Franco Presents will hit the small screen this November on OvationTV.

Images courtesy of James Franco.